Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back To Port Credit, then Jack Darling Park on the Shores of Lake Ontario

Well, it was a beautiful sunny morning, so Alex, Emily and I grabbed the scooter and headed back to Port Credit to do some more exploring . . . provide some additional positive feedback for the weather fairies.  Pleeeese keep allowing the weather to get warmer!  We beg you!

The snow and ice finally melted off all the pathways, so we could set Emily loose with her scooter and not have to worry about her skidding out of control . . . well, at least have to worry less about that.

A little ways down the Credit River, and Emily made the acquaintance of Camile; so we hung out with her and her Dad for a bit and learned a bit more about the area while watching the girls zip around the place.

Apparently, there's a great Riverside festival every Summer, and they show films out on the green (not really green quite yet this year, but it will be!).
Oh yeah, and we noticed folks sculling down the river too!  You can see the boat club just across the river in the last photo.  Camile and her dad had to go to lunch, so we parted ways; and Emily, Alex and I took off for the highly recommended Jack Darling Park, right on the shores of Lake Ontario.
We are still getting used to the awe inspiring hugeness of the great lakes.  So much quieter than the ocean; but with enough vastness to impress us tiny short-lived humans.
Alex and I had a plan to see how far we could walk along the lake before we got tired, but Emily quickly apprised us of the wonders to be found on the sandy beaches; so we stopped to skip stones and build a little cairn (It's so nice to have an 3G handy, so you can look up what to call these things!).
A bit more time, and it was soon time to head back home to get a few things done . . . and then bum around, while planning the evening's entertainment.  I loooove weekends!


  1. nice to see your photos with blue skies!

  2. Thank you SO much for creating this blog and sharing your adventures with us! I *really* love reading your missives; you have a knack for the written word. Keep them coming!