Wednesday, August 3, 2011

High Park in Toronto & Downtown Mississauga

Another day (July 24th) with the cousins visiting us in Mississauga was spent at High Park in Toronto (not far, according to my Mom, from where my family lived when I was little).  We drove to the nearest train station and took the subway into the city ( . . .  well, took a bus to the nearest station with running trains, then took a subway train in to the city - maintenance was being done on the tracks that Sunday).  So we wandered into the park and explored a trail or two by Grenadier Pond, stopping to admire various baby duck families and pretty plants, etc.
View back towards Grenadier Pond
An Emu, resident of the small zoo at High Park (he likes green leaves and carrots).

Girls investigating a possible site for a Fairy House 

Next day  (July 25th) , we stayed closer to home, as we had to pack and prepare for an early start in order to catch the early flight back at Buffalo airport.  So we took a walk into downtown Mississauga, stopping at a little creek just around the corner.  Emily, Laurel and Averi found quite a few snails, as it had rained earlier.

Girls enjoyed splashing about in the new reflecting pool at the new "Celebration Square."

During the Winter, the pool will be frozen for ice skating.

The building with the greenish pointed roof is the Central Library

View over the reflecting pool towards the outdoorAmphitheatre

Girls posing by our favorite Bison sculpture

Heading back towards home, passing by the City Hall

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