Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Morning - Only Two Visits In The Wee Hours From A Little Person Asking If It Was Morning Yet.

So, Alex and I are sitting here typing away on our computers, while Emily has splendid adventures all over the house with her various new stuffed animals and other little items.  Found a great Cinnamon Roll recipe, the dough for which I, of course, made in our bread machine.  So, not much sleep, 2 cups of coffee and a cinnamon roll later, you can imagine how the adults in this house feel . . . I suspect all the other adults we know with little munchkins in the house feel much the same.

It is fairly cold outside (20 F), but not windy.  I hope that later today we will go for a walk on one of the many trails we have discovered meandering throughout the city.  Just a block away, there's one below "road level" that follows a rather large stream.  Very pretty, and the noise of the city is muffled down there.  Lots of bridges around that are perfect for pooh-sticks (The game doesn't work so well at present, as the water is pretty much all frozen over, except for the fast-moving parts; and our aim for those hasn't been so great.  It's the mittens.  They mess up one's release when one throws the stick.)

I kinda' wish it would snow more today.  There's not much accumulation on the ground.  The grass is still showing.  Mississauga has this weird lake effect "bubble" that diverts snow to areas only a few kilometers to the North and West (And don't get the impression that I have gotten to grips with "kilometers" already.  I haven't.  I'm just parroting Alex there.)

Emily has $50 from her Grandparents, and it is burning a hole in her pajamas pocket.  We have assured her that everywhere is closed today . . . twice, so far.

Well, I hope you all are cozy, happy, not too tired, well-fed, healthy, and Merry this Christmas morning.

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  1. Aw...sounds like a fun- but tiring day. So cute.! Hope you had a great one!