Sunday, January 23, 2011

Emily is really, truly seven years old today!

Well, she is seven years old today.  So far this year, it's been a tough winter for Emily, what with the move and being stuck inside with "mean Mommy" most of the time.  But things are looking up.  Emily made a new friend at Drama class yesterday (an outgoing girl of 9 who also likes to sew); and this morning has been "great (with energetic "thumbs up" hand gestures)" too!

Within theoretical walking distance (at -17 C, it's not really walking distance for Emily at the moment) from our townhouse, there is a shopping center that has a Chez Cora (a breakfast place that features lots of fruit with every entre) and a ToysRUs.  So for Emily's birthday, that's where we went for some serious child spoilage.  Tonight, it'll be homemade pizza and carrot cake with candles.

We were finally able to find that "GoGo FurReal" dog at the ToyRUs.  We've struck out on that particular toy at least 3 times since we've moved here (everywhere we looked was out of 'em), which was making me regret not having bought it at Walmart in Holly Springs where we spotted it before Christmas (and for about 20% less than here).   But, now she has GoGo; and Emily is very, very pleased.

She also took a few minutes away from her new dog to be very pleased with her beautiful clothes, from Grandma (which she will be wearing at her next Drama class), and another toy dog and game too.

Alex and I also bought her a microscope, since she has shown such an interest in doing "experiments" and the like lately.  I am hoping to attract her back to lessons with more hands-on things, like looking at neat things under the microscope, etc.  It might be a little old for her, but maybe not.  It has a carrying case and I can pack it away, if she's not impressed yet.  But she may just be if I can find the right book to awaken her interest.

Anyway, it's bright and sunny today; and we're in a good good place.  Hope you all are too!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Sweet Emily!! Lucky Number 7! It's going to be a great year! I just looked up Go Go and s/he looks awesome! What did you name him/her?Enjoy the pizza and carrot cake.


    P. S. I love the picture of Emily, her daddy and the iPad! :0)