Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Living Arts Centre . . . Just Around the Corner!

OK, just so I don't give everyone the impression that it's all hardship and struggle here with that last post about registering our car, I figured I should mention this really cool Living Arts Centre that's walking distance from our house in Mississauga.  Emily and I were just there to pick up her tickets from the box office for the Drama class she'll be attending for the next 9 or so Saturday afternoons.  It's colossal and full of neat corporate-sponsored auditoriums, studios, etc.  While exploring the place, Emily and I stumbled upon a free interactive art show and had a lot of fun investigating various pieces that we could touch, wonder about, and even contribute to.  iPhone newbie that I am, it didn't occur to me to take pictures until just now as I type this, so I've popped in an image I found of the centre online - or part of it.  It is huge, I tell you! (. . . 'scuse me.  A piece of straw fell out of the corner of my mouth just then.)

Anyhoo, after ooohing and ahhhing over all the art glass and pottery, Emily is expressing a strong desire to attend the pottery camp for kids that they offer there.  Of course, we'll look into it.  Wish they had a bulk buying scheme for the classes.


  1. I would be remiss if I didn't mention to a fellow librarian that a visit to one of the Mississauga libraries (one of the largest library systems in Canada) is a must ! In fact, the Central Library (near your house) has a "Welcome to Canada" drop-in storytime this coming Thursday, January 13, at 6:30 p.m.: http://www.mississauga.ca/file/COM/2011WinterStorytimesRevised.pdf. What an adventure you will have this year!

  2. Yup, that posting is coming up. We were just at the Central Library near Square One this afternoon, in fact. Subject areas have their own floors. :-) We spend most of our time on the basement level, of course, where the Children's section (and a 7' play lighthouse) is. Emily is the proud owner of her first library card, and today I showed her how to login to the online catalog. tee hee!

  3. Any classes for adults? You could model lifelong learning and try something new! :0)

    Be sure to post pictures of Emily's (and your!) creations!