Thursday, March 24, 2011

So it's Spring, huh?

Yesterday was not exactly what Emily and I expected. Yeah, I read some forecasts about "Snow Flurries," but somewhere along the line, they must have modified things and I didn't notice.
So, when just the day before we had been out with only our jackets and no hats or boots, we awoke to this . . .
But we've toughened up over the past few months, so we went out and fed the ducks anyway. Snowflakes clumping up on your eyelashes is a sensation with which we are both quite familiar now.

Of course, our outing wasn't for an overly extended period of time; so after lessons, Plasticine (what they call modeling clay here . . . and in England, too, I believe) supplied the remainder of the day's entertainment.

Emily made a crab for me.

And then the ancient Romans inspired her to make her own aqueduct . . .


  1. Awesome aqueduct, Emily!! Not only in form but in function! Well done!

    "Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes" - a few of your favorite things...or NOT?



  2. NoT! Love, love, LOVE matching snippets of ordinary conversation with bits of world-renowned musical performances!