Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toronto Zoo - A Little Chilly, But A Nice Day.

Had a lovely time at the Toronto Zoo this morning; but it is becoming very and frustratingly clear to me that we really do need to get a camera with a zoom lens and a flash. I have hardly any photos from this trip to show you because the iPhone camera just can't cut it. Had I a decent zoom and a flash, you would have been treated to close-ups with a Gorilla; a sensitive Matschie Tree Kangaroo (the sign told us to "Be Quiet, Please!"); the awesome splendor of a Swan's wingspan; and a sweet, perky little woodpecker (Hairy or Downy, not sure which) peeking around the corner of the suet feeder at me, just to double-check that I wasn't too close before he began to "chow down."

Instead I have a far-off shot of an Orangutan, fishing treats out of her enclosure's faux log with a stick . . .

And Emily enthusiastically pointing at what I promise you is a couple of swans on the pond behind her . . .

See the swans?
They really were impressive. I guess you'll just have to trust me on that!

(This reminds me of the frustrating days I spent attempting to photograph squirrels with a Brownie camera when I was Emily's age. I'd send off the film to be developed and get back stacks of photos of what looked like just a bunch of grass.)

Anyway, we loved going to a zoo where the animals from the Arctic Tundra seemed genuinely comfortable, for a change. Toronto Zoo is a great deal like the Asheboro Zoo back home, in that it is very spread out and makes for a long walk between areas. Very, very nice surroundings. We look forward to returning when the Spring is definitely here - Snow flurries forecasted again for Wednesday, I do believe. Sigh . . . BUT after this week, they're promising sunny days again. A whole bunch of 'em!!!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love the photo with the swans circled in red (and labeled!). :0)

    Here's hoping for those sunny days!