Saturday, March 26, 2011

This morning, we visited Port Credit!

Today, we went to have breakfast and wander around Port Credit, a little "village" in Mississauga right at the mouth of the Credit River, on the North Shore of Lake Ontario.  It was back to -1 Celsius or thereabouts, but sunny and clear.  So we pulled on our hats and coats, and did some work on the cherry red of our cheeks and chapped lips.
There is a marina and a Memorial Park right there on the banks, and Emily, seeing the playground, made a bee-line for the park.  We crunched around in the snow, and poked about, then managed to talk Emily into accompanying us on a little exploration of the walk along the river.
Nice murals painted on the bridge supports, and we spotted some Swans (a little closer to us this time, so you can actually see them in my photo!)
Again, we planned to return for a longer walk once the weather gods decide to admit Spring to this area once more. While grocery shopping, I searched in vain for a Pomegranate to perhaps tempt her to come more quickly . . . Emily and I have read this week that she likes those.

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  1. Now, you know better than to tempt anyone with pomegranate seeds. Zeus will surely take offense.