Saturday, March 26, 2011

This morning, we visited Port Credit!

Today, we went to have breakfast and wander around Port Credit, a little "village" in Mississauga right at the mouth of the Credit River, on the North Shore of Lake Ontario.  It was back to -1 Celsius or thereabouts, but sunny and clear.  So we pulled on our hats and coats, and did some work on the cherry red of our cheeks and chapped lips.
There is a marina and a Memorial Park right there on the banks, and Emily, seeing the playground, made a bee-line for the park.  We crunched around in the snow, and poked about, then managed to talk Emily into accompanying us on a little exploration of the walk along the river.
Nice murals painted on the bridge supports, and we spotted some Swans (a little closer to us this time, so you can actually see them in my photo!)
Again, we planned to return for a longer walk once the weather gods decide to admit Spring to this area once more. While grocery shopping, I searched in vain for a Pomegranate to perhaps tempt her to come more quickly . . . Emily and I have read this week that she likes those.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

So it's Spring, huh?

Yesterday was not exactly what Emily and I expected. Yeah, I read some forecasts about "Snow Flurries," but somewhere along the line, they must have modified things and I didn't notice.
So, when just the day before we had been out with only our jackets and no hats or boots, we awoke to this . . .
But we've toughened up over the past few months, so we went out and fed the ducks anyway. Snowflakes clumping up on your eyelashes is a sensation with which we are both quite familiar now.

Of course, our outing wasn't for an overly extended period of time; so after lessons, Plasticine (what they call modeling clay here . . . and in England, too, I believe) supplied the remainder of the day's entertainment.

Emily made a crab for me.

And then the ancient Romans inspired her to make her own aqueduct . . .

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toronto Zoo - A Little Chilly, But A Nice Day.

Had a lovely time at the Toronto Zoo this morning; but it is becoming very and frustratingly clear to me that we really do need to get a camera with a zoom lens and a flash. I have hardly any photos from this trip to show you because the iPhone camera just can't cut it. Had I a decent zoom and a flash, you would have been treated to close-ups with a Gorilla; a sensitive Matschie Tree Kangaroo (the sign told us to "Be Quiet, Please!"); the awesome splendor of a Swan's wingspan; and a sweet, perky little woodpecker (Hairy or Downy, not sure which) peeking around the corner of the suet feeder at me, just to double-check that I wasn't too close before he began to "chow down."

Instead I have a far-off shot of an Orangutan, fishing treats out of her enclosure's faux log with a stick . . .

And Emily enthusiastically pointing at what I promise you is a couple of swans on the pond behind her . . .

See the swans?
They really were impressive. I guess you'll just have to trust me on that!

(This reminds me of the frustrating days I spent attempting to photograph squirrels with a Brownie camera when I was Emily's age. I'd send off the film to be developed and get back stacks of photos of what looked like just a bunch of grass.)

Anyway, we loved going to a zoo where the animals from the Arctic Tundra seemed genuinely comfortable, for a change. Toronto Zoo is a great deal like the Asheboro Zoo back home, in that it is very spread out and makes for a long walk between areas. Very, very nice surroundings. We look forward to returning when the Spring is definitely here - Snow flurries forecasted again for Wednesday, I do believe. Sigh . . . BUT after this week, they're promising sunny days again. A whole bunch of 'em!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

So, this weekend, it was daylight savings; so we . . .

. . . didn't feel especially energetic. Alex just got back from a tightly-scheduled business trip to NY and then to Las Vegas on Thursday (jet-lagged); and I don't know what my excuse was . . . oh yeah. I'm kinda' under the weather at the mo, so perhaps I was starting to come down with whatever this is. Emily just gets "tired," whenever we wanna' do something she doesn't. So, we didn't end up doing anything particularly momentous - and it was one great weekend.

On Saturday, we went to feed the ducks. (Didn't think anyone back home needed photos of the exotic ducks they have here in Mississauga.)
Walking back home, it started (of course) snowing again. Big fluffy flakes. Felt like we were walking through a pillow fight zone.
Finished off Saturday by walking (walking!) to one of the movie theatres nearby and watched "Gnomeo and Juliet." (Fun movie, but I could take or leave the 3-D.)

Sunday morning (Daylight saving's "Spring forward" time), we were moving very, very slowly. We had originally thought we'd visit the Royal Ontario Museum, but realized once we were downtown that there was to be a St. Paddy's Day parade. Duh! Figured we didn't want to compete with that crowd for the parking; so we headed over to the lake to explore instead.
"The lake" being Lake Ontario, of course. There are a bunch of parks alongside the lake. We started out at Sunnyside Park. It was relatively warm at 3.1 Celsius, and warmed up to 4 by the time we were done! (You can do the conversions and be impressed later.)

Along the trail, there is this cool footbridge, on which Alex and Emily played a few rounds of Pooh-sticks. And we had fun taking photos of each other and the Toronto skyline. Saw a couple of swans (They are so totally HUGE - but our iPhone camera has no zoom, and lazy was the rule of the day, so sorry no photos of the swans.)
Did I mention that we no longer own a camera with a zoom lens (or even a flash) anymore? If we did, you would be able to see the CN Tower in that shot of downtown Toronto. It was a really gorgeous view. Honest.

There was a nice a spot called "Sheldon Lookout" with an arrangement of huge granite rocks in which Emily had a lot of fun finding rose quartz and iron.
And then, of course, there were the endlessly entertaining patches of mud. Alex and I were getting hungry, so we lured Emily away from the mud with the promise to re-visit the playground; and headed back across the footbridge. After a little playtime, we hustled back into the car and drove back to Mississauga. Stopped for lunch at our wonderful new discovery: An Irish Pub within walking distance of our house!!! Yayyy!!!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Better Angle For The Marilyns

On Thursday, Emily and I did some more walking, lured out by the bright sunshine, even if the temperatures were not very warm. Coming back from the Community Center, where I unsuccessfully attempted to sign Emily up for one of their programs, we passed by the Marilyns again.

Today, it's warmer - but we've both been puttering around with our respective projects; and Emily has gotten another audiobook about owls. So, thought I'd let her listen to that for awhile and work on her own things. Emily's yearning for summer, I think:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Probably Should Take Some Time To Find A Hairstylist . . .

When you don't know a lot of people where you live, there aren't many opportunities to casually ask:  "So, do you know of a good hairstylist nearby?"