Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Various "Artistic" Endeavors While We Wait Out The Snow

 Ho hum!  Well, it's still snowing, after snowing (and something that sounded like sleeting in the wee hours on our skylights) all night; and so Emily and I have been keeping ourselves entertained inside.  Emily caught wind of the other kids in this area being kept home from school; and her sense of justice and "fairness" was immediately awoken . . . so, we're not doing lessons today.

In case you are wondering what this first photo to the left here is, yesterday when Emily and I were exploring our neighborhood on foot, we spotted a sort of ice "stalagmite" about 3 feet high that formed when some good bit of water flowed out of release valve on the side of our building.  So we picked it up and carried it to our backyard area to serve as our own lawn art for the winter!  Emily was delighted and spent some time decorating it with snow.

Today, it is still visible above the snow and we peek out at it from time to time, as we work on our "paper people party" on the kitchen table.  As you can undoubtedly see below, in addition to the dancing princesses and gingerbread boys, there is a gingerbread girl playing an accordion, while a whole fleet of tiny ships sail in the foreground, with their passengers of birds and seals.  Oh, yes.  And not to be forgotten, notice also the frog posing behind his row of tents!


  1. aw how cute! love the stalagmite! and shhhh to Emily- she's still learning isn't she- just in a less formal way eh? stay warm!

  2. Really clever paper figures, Heather :) Used to be able to do basic little girls joined together ones but have totally forgotten how!