Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yet More Snow . . . Ho Hum

 Well, it's pretty.  I can say that for it.  Started snowing again yesterday . . . or was it the day before yesterday?  It all kind of runs together after awhile . . .

Frustrating trying to catch these amazing fat, fluffy snowflakes with the camera.  They really are rather big snowflakes - look more like clumps gently floating down towards the rapidly-coated-in-white . . . everything!  Well, everything 'cept the roads.  They do not freeze or stay white for very long here, with all the aggressive application of salt and chemical solutions and snowplows in the wee hours.  Strange having this kind of weather, yet never really having to worry much about getting stuck at home.
These are two shots of the view from the front porch of our town home.  Yes, we live across the street from a skyscraper. I'm a hick to find this remarkable, I guess.  :-)

Anyhoo . . . not much to report beyond the belly-button lint minutia of our daily routines at home.  So, I will end with the recurring theme that has characterized our discussions on what to do next for the past several weeks:  In the Spring, once things get warmer, we can . . . 

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