Monday, June 27, 2011

Railway Cafe on Our Way to Abbotsbury in Dorset

It was well over a three hour drive from Alex's parents' home in Welford to Abbotsbury on the Dorset coast.  Of course, there was road construction that delayed us (a to-be-counted-upon feature of any Summer journey to the seaside when you're in England).  By the lunch hour, we were well sick of driving and getting rather hungry and resigning ourselves to some dried up sandwiches from a petrol station, when by some fluke, we found the Railway Cafe, right by a nice little farm shop called the Trading Post (midway between Lopenhead and Watergore).  We only spotted it because we had stopped to turn around after giving up in our search for a pub, and I happened to glance down and see the small cafe sign in the gravel lot - right below the Trading Post's sign, down near the ground!  It was really a miracle, as this lovely little re-purposed rail car was hidden from our view by the shop.

So, if you're ever in the area . . . Five Stars!!!

With a lunch like this in such a bucolic setting, I was starting to wonder if we had actually perished in the traffic and hadn't realized yet that we were in heaven . . .

After we finally made it to Wears Farm, where the family rented a converted barn vacation home, Emily escaped the clutches of her seat belt and  immediately discovered the lambs who neighbored the back garden.

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  1. Can you believe that I have never been to the UK, much less Europe? Makes me want to hop across the pond for a visit after reading your posts. :-)