Sunday, June 26, 2011

Warwick Castle . . . The Castle

It really is quite amazing to walk around a real medieval castle.  The castle at Warwick was constructed during the Eleventh Century . . . just stop for a minute and think about this:  the Eleventh Century!!!  Talk about "if these walls could talk"!

Anyway, Warwick Castle is well worth visiting, if you are ever in the area.  I think those who run it as a park do a pretty good job of bringing alive some of the history for visitors (with the aforementioned Trebuchet demo, the rat tossing, and other popular pastimes of the age).  And considering how weak so many of us tourists' knowledge of history is, that's a pretty tough job for an historical attraction.  So you have to forgive them some of the more . . . Disneyfied portrayals.  Actually, now that I think back on the rat tossing and the trebuchet demo . . . perhaps that's not the term.  (But I digress . . . )
Cousin Sam tried some archery - and did very well too - very near the bulls eye each time.

Know what these were for?  Not just decoration or expressions of Christian devoutness.

Emily and Grandpa, a little tuckered out after the long climb up to the top of a turret.

The Cousins attempting to win the throne.

View along the castle out towards the weir.

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