Monday, June 27, 2011

Rambling the Sheep Fields in Chipping-Campden

A day or so before the family all set off for our week in Dorset, Alex and I took the opportunity for a quick lunch out in Chipping-Campden, which is a very pretty village that is very popular with visitors to the Midlands.  The buildings all have this yellowy-golden colour, which is characteristic of the local stone.  Having been there so many times before, I didn't remember to bring out the camera for a shot of the high street or the most excellent market hall.
We were instead craving a quiet stroll through the countryside; so we took ourselves to the fields out behind the Cathedral.  Very, very pretty day.

After finishing a meal at a very quiet pub, we headed out to Stratford-Upon-Avon to take a look at the newly re-done Shakespeare Theatre and took a stroll alongside the quieter end of the Avon.  

Do not know what these are.  They look like Queen Anne's Lace on steroids!

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  1. My brother discovered what those huge "Queen Anne's Lace-looking" plants are: