Sunday, June 26, 2011

Raptors at Warwick Castle

We had a really, really full day at Warwick Castle. Three posts and I'm still not done!

Anyway, aother neat thing to see there was the Master Falconer' demonstration, during which we got to see their many birds in flight. Both events (I made sure to see 'em both!) were packed with a lot of interesting information about large birds of prey. I came away with a deeper appreciation of just how much energy it takes for the larger birds to fly, (The winds were rather still that day and we were short on thermals.) which explains why birds of this size tend to sit still a lot, looking for prey.

Look at those orange eyes on the European Eagle Owl!

Golden Eagle (I think) having a cool-down in the tub

Palm Nut Vulture (not a raptor)

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