Saturday, May 21, 2011

Black Creek Pioneer Village - Gives Old Salem a run for its money!

Oh meeeee . . .   I've gotten rather behind since I last posted to this blog. We have been doing tons of stuff every weekend and we also took off to spend a couple of weeks in Dorset with the family.  And as a result of all this travel, I have gotten rather behind on my little "reports" on what we're doing here in Canda . . .

Just so you know, these photos are from May 22nd, when we visited a great place about an hour away from where we live in Mississauga, called Black Creek Pioneer Village.
Black Creek

Emily was most interested in carding wool and gathering dandelions to dye it.

A very pretty working mill.

Soon this girl will have a bonnet and dress all her own.
Anyway, Emily and I have signed up to participate in a week-long program at Pioneer Village.  We will both have to be in costume the whole week and will be learning how do all kinds of things.  I guess more photos and details will follow.

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