Friday, May 20, 2011

A Little Friend Came To Visit Today

This afternoon, Emily dashed into the house from the backyard patio, breathless with excitement.  She was sitting quietly at that the patio table, writing something, when she noticed a furry little somebody was sitting right by her feet!

Having recently had read to her Dick King-Smith's book, The Cat Lady (the plot of which introduced to her the concept of reincarnation).  So anyway, Emily has announced to me that she believes this baby rabbit is Sandy reborn, just coming by to let her know she's OK now.


  1. Oh dear. All the neighborhood kids are over, all excited about the bunny rabbit. Hope the poor thing doesn't die of fright. I have cautioned them not to try to touch it or chase it around.

  2. Looks a little fuzzier than the ones you see down here.

  3. Oh, Wow! Emily and Mohammed (little boy who lives 2 doors down) discovered more baby bunnies yesterday. Emily woke us at 6 a.m. this morning expressing her burning desire to get outside and check on them. Alex held her off till 7, and mumbled, turned over and went back to sleep till 8.

  4. Is there anything cuter than a baby bunny?

    Any sign of the mother?

    How exciting!