Saturday, May 14, 2011

St. Jacobs Country - Rather Soggy This Time Around

Despite the weather, we took an hour's drive Westward to explore St. Jacobs (marked as "A" on the map here). St. Jacobs is a pretty little town that seems to provide a nice country village for the urbanites to visit, shop for hand-crafted things and fresh produce, maple syrups, honey, etc., produced by Mennonite farmers (We saw several of those black box-like horse-drawn buggies on the streets of the town while we were there.)

The rain held itself back a bit so we could enjoy a short walk on the Woolwich Trails along the Conestogo River, where we saw and heard a lot of singing frogs and admired an old iron bridge.

We poked around the main street of the village, enjoying the museum displays on Maple Syrup, quilts, and a fantastic model train display of St. Jacobs and the surrounding countryside back when steam trains were the primary means of long-distance travel.  Great fun.  Great shops (including a splendid Toy Shop located in a large church building).  Lovely maple sugar candy.  :-)

After that, we nipped over to the nearby Farmer's Market to get a bite to eat.  Genuine German sausages are made in that area, so we each had one on a bun.  Very delicious.  No mystery meat.  I didn't take any more photos, because it was tipping down with rain by then.  All the sheltered stalls were heaving with shoppers by then, so we decided to take our soggy selves back home.

We'll be back again when the weather improves.


  1. So, how do the produce prices compare to those in NC? Are you shelling out more of your income on groceries than usual?

  2. Oh, prices are higher. Meat is much higher. I haven't had a decent steak since I was in NC. We're not suffering, by any means; but things are definitely more expensive here. So my experience here seems to bear out what the figures tell us:

  3. Looks like a fun day. I love model trains.

    I can taste the maple sugar candy! :0)