Friday, May 20, 2011

A Day Out: Little Dollhouse Company & Ontario Science Centre

Well, we had lovely weather yesterday, apart from a little morning fog, and so Emily joined our new friends, Kerri, Jocelyn & her little brother Sebastian, to check out a Dollhouse Shop that we had heard about on Mount Pleasant Rd. in downtown Toronto.

Emily had been saving her allowances and tooth fairy money for awhile, and so she was itching to find something really neat for her own doll house - as well as admire the extensive collections they have there.  She spent two or three days going through their website too, showing me this photo or that of some wonderful tiny thing she would loooove to have.  :-)

Kerri took Sebastian to the Model Car shop next door.

Emily and Jocelyn spent quite awhile looking at everything.

They do think of everything!
Dress dummies for a period seamstress's shop, I guess.

Handsome looking luggage!
After the girls (and admittedly me too) had their fill of Oooohs!  and Ahhhhs!  and Look-at-that!'s, we walked back to fetch the car and head over to the Ontario Science Centre for the rest of the afternoon.  That year-long membership we purchased right after we moved here sure was a great deal.  We have already been more than a few times, and still have not seen everything in there!

We let the kids lead, and Kerri and I jabbered on to our hearts' content.  Didn't really try to do anything very structured with the kids this time around, as all 5 of us were dealing with a shortage of sleep to varying degrees.  But they seemed to have a great time together and were happy to each work on their own collections of little self-directed mini-discoveries.
During our lunch break, we had the pleasure of a visit
from a resident of the Museum's wooded area.


  1. Looks like a lovely day! ;)

  2. So...did Emily buy anything for her doll house? The place looked amazing and rather overwhelming!

    What a great day!


  3. I am quite sure Emily (and I) would have been happy to stay there for a couple more hours. Emily picked out a birdcage (complete with bird inside) and a blueberry pie. I have not yet seen how she has decided to arrange them, since the bunny thing is now dominating her waking concerns. I have a feeling lessons will feature rabbits next week!